Tools are not the key reason to explain your successful freelance career. They never are. Sure, they have helped you in a way. checkout these Top 7 Tools to Boost Your Freelance Career.

If you think you only need a couple more tools to start your business on the right foot, then stop reading this post.

Marketers have done a good job making people believe that tools are what will make them winning their success.

“If I have the right funnel/funnel, I will be successful.”

“If I have the right design, I will be successful.”

“If I add this tool to my stack, I will be successful.”

But this is a great myth. Nothing of this is right.

I see many people who have doubts about everything that has to do with the technical part that involves having a freelance online business.

When what really matters is that you have a defined offer that the market wants + a predictable way to get customers to pay for it.

As freelancers, the most valuable asset is time. Therefore, with these tools, you can save a lot of time and do more.

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Top 7 Tools to Boost Your Freelance Career

Web Hosting/Hosting:

BlueHost –

Get Started with SiteGround Today

You will love BlueHost the fact that you can install WordPress — the most popular and flexible content system — with just one click.

Its price is very affordable included domain and everything. It is ideal for low traffic sites that want to start, especially for people who do not have much technical knowledge.

The support is fantastic and whenever you have a problem, they solve quickly.

SiteGround –


Get Started with SiteGround Today

SiteGround, with 1.8M of hosted sites, is at the same level as BlueHost in prestige and popularity.

The advantage of SiteGround is clear and they have it very clear in their promotional materials: their support.

One of its competitive advantages is they offer customer service by mail, chat, and telephone in multiple languages ​​(including Spanish) and also ensures a response time of <30 minutes and 24/7 availability.

The price is similar to most hostings and includes a 30-day money-back. If you don’t like it, your money back.

Themes and Web Builders:

When you are starting this step, the design of your website is a luxury since nobody is going to see it anyway.

Of course, if you have the resources, invest in professional design is a great idea. But your freelance website must fulfill one objective: generate leads.

Do not confuse a functional website with a beautiful website.

Anyways, we will go into detail with the tools to build websites to make them beauty and functionality to a website when you already have the website and domain.

Thrive Themes –

As its header says, Thrive Themes are themes and plugging specifically for WordPress and focused on a single objective: to create a website that converts.

Their pricing model is fascinating because they have products such as plugins that are sold separately.

But the magic is in your membership where only for $19/month you get a ridiculous amount of benefits and plugins that you can use for all your websites.

From Thrive Architect (which is its builder to make websites without technical knowledge) to dozens of web templates, plugins to capture leads, optimize your website, create quizzes, etc., the list does not end.

Freelance tool for easy-to-use graphic design:

For some freelance who might be required to use visual content, some online user-friendly would be good choices. Here are some best online platforms to help you do simple graphic jobs.

Canva –

Canva is a handy tool for creating graphics. If you do not use conventionally designed software programs, it implies a relatively small learning curve. It is robust to develop excellent visual content with its massive features and resources.

DesignCap –

It is an extraordinary and straightforward graphic design tool, perfect for creating all types of posters, infographics, logos, and more.

Some of its main features: user-friendly editors, a wide variety of graphic design templates, and a vast library of archive photos, illustrations, shapes, characters, and backgrounds.

Customize your design whatever you like, such as applying effects, cutting out and managing layers, etc.

Freelance Tools for Online Payments:

What is more complicated than starting to generate income as a freelancer?

You guessed it. Make that money to reach your pocket.

Especially if you are working with international clients where things get complicated and you might not find an option that works for both.

That is why this post collects some of the electronic wallets that are most recommended for people like you, freelance.

PayPal –

PayPal is, without a doubt, the most used online payment platform in the world. Born in the ’90s and still dominates a good part of the market today.

One of its biggest advantages is the ease with which anyone — literally anyone — can register and have a way to receive money online in minutes.

You also have the possibility to pay online with the balance that is deposited in your account, which for me personally, is super useful. You don’t have to introduce cards almost anywhere.

They include in their platform a utility in which you can create invoices and send them to customers. They can pay by PayPal or by card, making it the only platform I know that allows you to accept cards without entering data from a formal business.

Freelance Tools for Communication:

It is not true that working as an online freelance meant not talking to anyone — or just chatting with clients.

The more open you are to talk (be it audio or camera) with a potential client, the faster you will build trust.

Something very necessary if you want to win contracts fast and of sufficient value to live comfortably.

Skype –

You can use it for the first interaction with a potential client. And also for continuous interactions by a chat with current clients if they need something from you fast.

Skype is an option that has time in the market and many companies even have it as part of their office devices, making it the preference for much.

It is simple to use, you can easily share screen, chat, and everything you need for free. You can even buy a premium version to make calls to interactional numbers.

This list concludes the most popular tools for freelance, but there are still many alternatives to using. You can choose them according to your needs.

Also, if you have any good recommendations, please feel kindly leave your comment.


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