Social Media plays a very significant role in digital marketing. There is too much competition nowadays, thus it’s very difficult to beat your competitors. In this article, I am going to share some useful tips that will help you to beat your competitor’s social media strategy. There are many social media platforms on the internet; however, there are only a few social media platforms that are worth spending money & time on.

Some of the popular social media platforms are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn & so on. The latest static has shown that there are already over 2.46 billion active social media users from all across the globe. The experts have assumed that this no. will exceed over 2.7 billion in 2019. check-out below these top 10 tips to beat your competitor through social media strategy.

Also, people are spending a lot of time on several popular social media platforms. Many businesses are already available on social media platforms, whereas there are yet many businesses that have no social availability. With our social media marketing help & tips, you’ll be able to beat your competitors. Facebook has recently announced that it has more than 5 million advertisers on its platform and this no. is growing rapidly.

Now, the question is how to get a good return on investment from social media marketing campaigns despite the cut-throat competition on social media platforms. The answer to this question is a successful social media strategy.

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Though, it’s not a simple task to come up with a successful social media marketing strategy without keeping an eye on what competitors are doing. In the next section of this article, we will discuss how you can create a successful social media marketing strategy that can outsmart your competitors.

10 Tips to beat your competitor through social media strategy –

There are hundreds of tips that are promoted on the internet that assure huge returns & guarantee success. Regrettably, most of them do not work out. The people often provide free recommendations, but they are also of no worth.

To do well with your social media marketing campaigns, it’s significant to stand out in the middle of the competitors. Let’s explore out the top 10 tips that can help you beat your competitors and help you get a desirable rate of return from social media marketing campaigns.

#1 Audit your status

Before running the social media marketing campaigns, it’s significant for you to know your position on several social media platforms. This will help you make a successful social media marketing plan.

And, you must find out where you stand among your competitors. Some of the points to think about before you make a social media marketing plan are:

  • The condition of your social media accounts, website & pages.
  • Frequency of posts that you are publishing.
  • Referral traffic that your page or site is receiving.
  • The platforms where your company performs the great.
  • The kinds of posts that performed well.

Being conscious of your position can help in making an innovative competition that can help your company become unique.

#2 Study your competitors

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, I think many of you have heard this quote a lot. When you’re running a firm, you’re running a small nation. Many of your competitors wish you out of the business.

To beat your competitors you should keep track of what your competitors are up to. You cannot beat your competitors if you don’t know them. Here are some of the things that you should consider:

  • The nature of the content that they are posting.
  • Strategies they use to engage their customers.
  • The success of their customer service.
  • The list of causes for their clients doing business with them.

If you manage to know your competitors, you can benchmark them. It will offer you a greater possibility to beat them. Also, you must search for their market gaps, loopholes, and so on to capitalize on them.

#3 understand your target clients

After you’re done understanding your competitors & your position, you must try to understand your target clients. Here are some things to know:

  • The products they are buying.
  • What type of services & products satisfy them?

However, you must also keep in your brain that the preference & taste change over time. And, the client’s behavior may vary from place to place.  It’s the best option to segment your clients and learn from them.

When you enlarge your horizon and learn from your clients, you can run a persuasive social media marketing campaign.

#4 Make a strategy for every single social media platform

Many firms use a similar plan for every social media channel. This is a blunder.  Every well-known social media platform is distinct. For example, Facebook is more of a general social media platform; Instagram is an image-based social media platform, LinkedIn is a social media platform that connects the professionals & so on.

If you wish to execute well on several social media platforms and therefore beat your competitors on social media, you must define a marketing plan and I’d go even also by developing a mini-plan for each single social media platform that you are planning to use. And, it’s also extremely significant to prioritize social media platforms.  For instance, a fashion business may select to spend more time on Instagram, instead of Facebook.

#5 Generate compelling content

Content is king in online marketing. Generating compelling content is the backbone of the entire reputed business. Attempt to generate content that is forceful & persuasive.

The pieces of content that are tempting will compel your potential customers to take action. The platform, for example, BuzzSumo will help you find out what kind of content is getting viral. This will give you a clue about what kind of content you must create. And, you can also conduct a contest, interview, survey, and more to find out what types of content your target audience would like.

#6 Be Accurate

Many social media pages are not extremely accurate in publishing new content. Be inaccurate helps you to stay forward from your competitors. You must publish at least one post a day on several social media platforms that you are engaged in.

If you are not active on social media platforms, your followers will begin following other pages that are publishing alike content like yours.

#7 Test your plan

Simply because you made a comprehensive strategy does not mean that everything mentioned in the plan will work out fine for you. It is always suggested that you regularly test your plan. A/B testing is the key to victory. Many businesses make a lot of presumptions without testing.  Be distinct from your competition: make testing a part of your strategy & culture and you’ll perform better than your competitors in no time. There are different analytical tools that you can use for free. Always use them and view how your posts are performing.

After you’re done with analyzing your performance, you must change your strategy if required.  And, it’s best to focus on what is functioning. You can also make use of feedback to generate a better strategy that can help you execute better on social media platforms.

#8 Customer Service

According to the study, 7 out of 10 Americans are willing to spend much money on better customer service. Most brands often fail to provide a satisfactory post-purchase experience. A social media platform can be an extremely successful medium to offer satisfying customer service.

Create an environment conducive for your followers to interact with your brand through social media platforms. And, you must also answer the questions as instantly as feasible to make them feel valued. If you manage to deliver better customer service, they will come back for more.

#9 Mimicking can function

It’s always best to be unique than others, but there are certain plans that your competitors are using, which you can mimic for a good result. Though, you should not do an accurate similar thing as your competitors are doing. Attempt to be different a little bit and mimic smartly.

#10 Make connections with the influencers

The ultimate tactic is to make connections and engage with the influencers in the niche. Simply like, comment, and consistently share their posts. This will help you receive their attention for a long period of time. And, your content might be shared by them, which can reveal your profession to their followers. Influencer marketing is vast and can bring you great visibility & exposure.  If one of the influencers you tag reshare your post, it can have a vast positive influence on your brand. Begin, connecting with influencers today to beat your competitors.

Conclusion –

According to the statistics, there are already more than 1.3 billion websites hosted on the internet. Many firms are previously in your niche. If you wish your firm to do well on the internet, you should have an awesome plan.

You need to spend energy & time on developing an internet marketing strategy to get a satisfactory return on investment. The tips that I have listed will help you develop a successful social media strategy. This can help you stand out among the contestants.


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