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If you want to Submit Guest Post on Digiblog Website, kindly read and follow the following guidelines thoroughly.

Write For Us At Digiblog – Your Guidelines

Type of Content:

  1. Content Format: Be it like anything i.e. list article, comparison, review, how-to guide, tips, and tricks, etc.
  2. Subject: It must be related to Digiblog.in niches – Digital Marketing, Marketing, Technology, Business, Web Designing, Web Development and must be beneficial to our audience.

Content Quality:

  1. Content must be useful: The content should be able to add value to the users’ knowledge.
  2. High-quality:  The article must be well-researched, written in grammar-proof English, and strictly plagiarism checked.
  3. Unique and original content: The article should be 100% original; never ever published anywhere and will not be published elsewhere after publishing on our website otherwise will be taken if such happened.
  4. Give credit: Cite or link your article back to relevant and credible sources (outgoing links to high authority websites and internal links from our own website). Both types of links are compulsory but outgoing links should be a maximum of one (1) while internal links from our website should be minimum of two (2) and a maximum of ten (10)
  5. Article length: The article must contain at least 1000 words.
  6. Add media: Include adequate media (images, infographics, videos, links, etc.). All the media added must be a hundred percent copyright free.
  7. Copywriting technique: It is highly recommended to follow good SEO copywriting techniques. Your optimized ranking keyword should appear in the title, subheading, first 100 words paragraph, images, and last paragraph of your article. This is a mandatory guideline but you should not over-optimize the article. Use short paragraphs, proper headings, subheadings, lists, and bullets wherever possible.
  8. Grammar-proof writing.

What is rejected?

We reject any article that does not fulfill or violate the guidelines mentioned under ‘Type of Content’ and ‘Quality of Content’.

Also, below are some cases your article gets rejected:

  1. Link building:  Any article that is intended for the link building scheme will be rejected straightaway.
  2. Marketing: Any article that is created ONLY for marketing purposes will be rejected. Biased and affiliate based articles will be rejected.

Content Review and Moderation:

Any content from the guest author will be strictly moderated considering the guidelines before publishing it.

We can edit our contributors’ content in case of minor changes (We will provide the final draft to the respective guest author before publication).

*We reserve the right to accept, edit or reject the submitted articles. 

*In case of violation of the guidelines, the articles will be directly rejected and any further queries will not be entertained thereafter.

How to submit?

If your article fulfills all the above-mentioned guidelines, please contact us by filling up the form below or send us a mail to admin@digiblog.in. We will try to get back to you instantly and let you know what we think concerning your article.