Let’s get started…How to Make Money While Blogging for Beginners.

Have you ever wondered how some people have so much free time yet their money never seems to disappear or even show signs of exhaustion?

Well, I’m one of those people who wondered!

Here’s your guide to making extra income by bloggingfor beginners only!

As a new blogger or content creator, it can be hard not knowing where to start. You hear people are making money from their blogs, but you don’t quite understand how.

In this beginner’s guide on how to make money by blogging, I’m going to show you how to make your first $100 from your blog.

– I know, I know.

– You must be thinking…

– $100 isn’t even a lot, why would I want to waste my time?

– Well, this is only the beginning.

Once you get the basics down and earn your first income, you can scale it and earn as much money as you’d like.

Your personal, business or professional blog website is just a click away!

First things first!

It is important for me to remind you that blog income doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to make an account at Blogger. Create content that is to your liking or interest then build an audience who trusts you and drive traffic regularly before you can start making income.

The exotic blogger’s lifestyle that you see on social media actually comes with a lot of hard work so make sure you’re ready to put the work in. Patience is key.

As a chick-out-of-the-egg blogger, you probably don’t have a ton of traffic or a huge email list either unless you are already a popular kid / social media influencer down the block. So the idea here is to start small — $100 and build up from there as your blog grows in size.

By setting yourself a realistic goal of $100, you will feel more motivated to go for it since the goal isn’t too far out of reach and you are more than likely to reach the target in the near-term, and then you can aim higher.

After you set up your blog, head over to GoDaddy.com or any registered domain seller to buy a domain name for your blog to make your website have a customized name of your choosing. It cost around $25 SGD per year to buy and maintain a domain name.

There are actually many different ways you could approach this but I will list down two for now.

1. Google Adsense

Adsense is an ad product from Google for publishers and bloggers to make money from blogging.

The beauty of Adsense is the quality of the ads it serves. It shows ads based on the context of the article a reader is reading or based on their own interest.

  • You must be thinking “Huh?!”
  • What the hell is SCENE talking about?!
  • No worries, we will get into the details soon.

AdSense is one of the most highly rated and recognized advertisement programs available. It is the easiest way for a blogger or a publisher to get started with online content monetization.

Once you have an approved account from Google Adsense, all you need to do is, add a few ads in between your content or at the side of your website and money comes rolling in.

There are 3 common advertisement types:

1. CPM Advertisement

CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions”. Advertisers running CPM ads set their desired price per 1000 ads served and pay each time their ad appears.

As a publisher, you’ll earn revenue each time a CPM ad is served to your page and viewed by a reader.

2. CPC Advertisement

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you earn each time a reader clicks on your ad. The CPC for any ad is determined by the advertiser. Some advertisers are willing to pay more per click than others, depending on what they’re advertising. It is different for every niche and advertiser.

3. CPE Advertisement

With cost-per-engagement bidding, advertisers only pay when users actively engage with the ads. For example, publishers generate earnings from ads when readers choose to engage with the ads by hovering over them for a few seconds to expand the ad.

The process looks very simple.

1. Start by publishing great content in your blog and put ads in between them.

2. Promote and try to build a community around your brand/name.

3. Continue to drive organic traffic by engaging and replying to your readers

4. Patience – Patience – Patience.

The best example is like how you watch TV shows and every 5–10 minutes, an advertisement comes for 2 minutes.

2. Affiliate Income

This is one of the most common ways most content creators make money, whether it’s blogging, making reviews or just sponsored products.

  • Create content based on what suits or interests you
  • You then promote other people’s product on your blog
  • And!! The best part is you don’t need to have your own products.
  • When someone reads and makes a purchase, you make a small commission off it.

Many new bloggers or content creators start off by making with one of the most well-known affiliate services also known as Amazon Associates.

There are tons of other networks like ClickBank and ShareASale.


How to Start? (Action Steps)

  • Make a list of products you love and use. Pen them down to organize them according to your most interest to the least.
  • Think hard on what kind of content can relate to the chosen product you are planning to promote.

Normally if a reader is interested in your product, they will go and search for the item on Google which is a hassle for the readers. But if you insert a link, instead of them googling the item, they can just click your link for fast access which benefits both of you.

A win-win situation.

There are many creative and effective ways to create content that brings affiliate marketing results. Just choose one that suits you best. There is no right or wrong in whatever strategy you choose.

– Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas and emulate successful bloggers.

– You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

– It’s been done before and people continue to do it.

  • Promote your content

For you to make money from blogging, your blog needs to be read. Promote your content on social media, share it with friends and relatives. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else that’s relevant. The more traffic you build, the more opportunities for you to make extra income on top of your daily job.

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Extra things to know to boost your blog income!

Remember to make your website mobile-friendly because depending on certain niches and content, some earn more through mobile viewing than a computer. Simply because in the mobile view, everything is scrolled through in a narrowed space and 2 of the 3 ads work very well on mobile.

Cost Per 1000 Impressions — CPM works very well with mobile because most viewers will have to scroll through your content and the ads will get noticed very easily since everything is narrowed.

Cost Per Click — CPC is another one also that works as well or even better than CPM. Because people who use phones have the highest chance of mis-clicking when they scroll through content or do online shopping. Most of the time, they accidentally click an advertisement while scrolling.

Have you ever accidentally click an ad unintentionally?

I, myself, always click ads accidentally when I do online shopping. 😂

You should know that any business or anything that requires traffic will take some time before it can start flying. Patience is key and is sure to post content regularly. Usually, it takes about 3–6 months to qualify for AdSense unless you hire someone reputable at Fiverr to help you set up.

Start off by having an interest in creating quality content and writing down your ideas.

Desire and willingness to learn are always priceless.

Make it your passion or hobby.

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Take your time and start blogging just for the fun of writing something and then slowly try to monetize it as your traffic becomes bigger.

In the social media world, traffic engagement is everything.

I will leave out the complicated stuff like optimizing your SEO, how to drive organic traffic, getting higher CTR for your blog, and much more next time since this is the beginner version.


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