Apple is the market leader of technology, has been in the game for about 43 years now! Check out the Key Facts To Know About Apple iPhone. Apple has delivered its customers its best, and Apple’s loyal customers are one thing that no one can steal from them. They have just released its new iPhone, the iPhone 11.  Apple fans are going crazy after the latest release since all the features known of the iPhone 11 are breathtaking. The new updates, the fantastic camera, the perfect body of the phone, and a lot more of these extraordinary features. There are some of the features of this new release, iPhone 11 which are still not very common among the customers and potential customers.

List of Key Facts To Know About Apple iPhone:

1.    Breathtaking and easy-going camera.

Apple cameras are usually always about easy-going, as well as giving you the perfect result for the captured image. The new rear camera of the iPhone 11 gives you instant focus on just one click, so now you don’t need to worry about keeping the camera still and focusing on the picture, which is ultimately going to help you capture a lot of your memories instantly. Of course, iPhone 11 has all the advanced accessories which you can use to even your picture and give it a new look. It has amazing editing tools that are going to make your photographs even more incredible. Flash, editing, live settings, filters, and what not to make your photos tremendous.

2.    Amazing battery life.

One of the most common complaints of Apple users about their iPhones was the life span of the batteries of their gadgets. Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. With the fantastic battery life of the new iPhone 11, you can use your phone longer than before. Keep your 3G open, keep your songs playing, and keep using Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. With the life span of the new iPhone 11, you can keep using your phone and not worry about your phone dying in the middle of the way! The striking new battery life span is tried and experimented along with the iPhone XS Max; the battery life of the new iPhone 11 is going to surprise you!

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3.    Dark mode.

The new feature in the iPhone 11 is of the night mode. How the iPhone applications look in the night mode is just mesmerizing. The new colors are popped out and believe us when we say that it is a treat for the eyes. They have created ease for their customers to use their cellphones at night in the dark. The night mode gives a different look to the software of the iPhone, which is unique and hasn’t done by any other company yet. Once the user, uses the dark mode, it’ll be hard for them to switch back because it’s so soothing.

4.    The perfectly working cameras.

The two cameras in the newly launched iPhone 11, doesn’t match up, and this is one of the most brilliant features of the new iPhone 11. When you take a photo from the newly updated camera of the iPhone 11, it shows you a greyish area on the back of the picture where you can identify any object that would be unwanted in your photo. The other camera is going to highlight anything that might be not suitable for that photo and also to give you a hint about what other things you can capture in a photo. This feature helps you improve your photos in a way you couldn’t have imagined. These two cameras are different and yet work so perfectly together.

5.    Ten unique colors.

Apple iPhone comes in a few mainstream colors like black, silver, rose gold, and gold. The trend has been broken; the new iPhone 11 comes in 10 unique, eye-catching colors that are going to attract you right to purchasing them! The new green and purple colors of the new iPhone are never seen before, and they are wonderfully unique for the iPhone users. And not just these two. Compare the rest of the colors like silver, gold, and product (red) of the last iPhones with the new iPhone 11, and you will see the apparent difference. All these different colors of the newly launched iPhone 11 give a unique and different look to the new iPhone as compared to the rest of the iPhones.

6.    The U1 Chip.

The new U1 chips on all new iPhone devices have been activated from the 30th of September 2019. This new chip is going to enhance the new iPhone to its maximum. It gives you a better, faster, and more reliable way to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another. There are more uses to the U1 chip but haven’t been fully disclosed yet. All we know is that the U1 chips only work effectively on devices that have the U1 chips, i.e., the new iPhones only.

7.    Face ID upgrade.

Apple announced that the upgrade on the new iPhone and its face recognition is officially better than the previous iPhones. You don’t have to lean forward and stare right into the camera every time you want to unlock the iPhone. Now you can unlock your phone, holding it in different angles or even if it is lying on the table. You can easily get hold of it, show your face at any angle, and unlock it.

8.    Arcade offers new games.

The new iPhone offers a lot more, new, and better games to play in the arcade. The new subscription service on the new iPhone will be released on the 19th of September 2019. So, get ready to download new games that are more interesting, unique, and your type!

9.    New cases for the new iPhone.

For iPhone 11, Apple has launched these brand-new transparent cases to make sure your new iPhone slays as well as stays safe in that transparent case. These new cases are transparent so you can keep showing off those unique and amazing color of your iPhone. These cases are super easy to handle, keeps your new iPhone protected and safe as well as makes it look gorgeous just as how amazing you look in the Michael Jackson Costume by Drive Jacket.

The round edge on the cover keeps your phone screen safe even if it is kept upside down. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety and looks of your new iPhone because these cases are here to make them look beautiful as well as to keep them safe and sound.

The new iPhone 11 has several features which haven’t been experienced yet in the previous iPhones including the brand new unique as well as attracting iPhone colors, the new U1 chip which is surely going to make the experience of using iPhone 11 better than the prior experiences and most of all, the amazing camera which is going to help you capture every ongoing second and turn it into beautiful memories which you will keep with you forever in the backup of your iCloud.


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