The Amazon Smart Plug is an on/off voice switch that comes with a control facility with Alexa. I am personally using this device and set some of my home lights and its working amazingly. If you check it on Amazon you will find 3,800+ reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon. checkout this user guide on How to setup Amazon Smart plug.

1. This can create the default lights smarter.

One of the biggest thoughts where you can place this smart plug to use it right? These smart lights might be placed somewhere in the home books shelf or it can be in your bedroom and it can be even your kitchen. You can turn on/off your lights by using your voice or it can automatically start be working by setting up your Alexa morning routine.

It works amazingly and it seems like magic. You can avail of this magic on a very cheap investment. And can Use this Amazon Smart Plug by simply installing it on your device and that’s it you got it. Also, you can use it with less expensive smart light kits for $25.

2. The smart plug can also be used for other devices

This device has a lot to do whether it’s your AC unit or your coffee maker or any other device you want to turn it on and off with Alexa. This will work as a smart robot and it is a fun part when you have friends and you use it to turn on/off lights or AC or any other appliance. Just think how smart you will look like.

Timing Managementsource:

How you can use it?

You will find a small blue light on the left-hand side of this smart plug which will show that the smart plug is on now.

Three ways to How to setup Amazon Smart plug.

1. With Voice command

  • Your Device name (Alexa),
  • Turn on [your plug name].

Voice Controlsource:

Keep one thing in mind that this smart plugin is only used to power your light or any appliance to turn it on and off. You cannot ask Alexa to tone down a light because this smart plug works as an on/off button.

2. Use it through the Alexa app

  • Go to the bottom of the navigation bar
  • Than PressPlugs
  • And finally pressswitch on 

3. For routine use of Alexa

Well if have to use for a routine setup of your AC unit or your coffee maker or lighting up your house when entering your house. This will add up comfort to your daily routine.

You can simply use your app to make it start working.

Go to the icon on the upper left in the Alexa app > Routines > + button on the top right.

Tap When > Schedule > Choose time and repeat (maybe weekdays) > click Done at the bottom.

Tap Create Action – Smart home – Control Device – Main plug – Switch on -Next if you are entered in a new routine tab. This brings you home to the New Routine tab once again. To generate your old routine, press Save in the upper right corner.

This brings you home to the New Routine tab once again. To generate your old routine, press Save in the upper right corner.

Automatically setup –


Automatically setupsource:

  • The fun part regarding the plug is that you can set up very easily.
  • You must take your package plug apart (but maintain your package until the configuration is complete).
  • Stick it to the wall.
  • Open the Alexa application.
  • It will take a couple of seconds for the connection.
  • Navigation bar > Plugs.
  • Moreover, yes, that’s it your new Smart Plug is ready to use.

No need to worry if you do not get automatic set-up:

This set-up takes place automatically most of the time but sometimes, it doesn’t work for a few. You have to follow these simple steps if it didn’t work for you to get your plugin action:

  • In the bottom of the navigation bar, tap the Devices
  • (+ Icon in Alexa App’s top-right hand corner)
  • Add your DevicePlug > Amazon.

You will be on a 2D bar code request tab where you will find this code in the box’s quick start guide (please keep this package). You have to scan the code from the back of the plug.

Please follow simple instructions given on-screen.

It will definitely imply that you have an automatic smart plug-in setup if you have not gone through the last segment. This most likely means you haven’t saved your Amazon wireless password and you have empowered WiFi to set it up to early.

You can check in the event that you have supported up your remote passwords (expel yourself in Amazon for this connection to work, look back and click on the Save Wireless passwords) or you can continue reading and skip it now in the event that you’d preferably not mess up this (or ever!) with that.

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So we have discussed a lot about Alexa and its uses and also how we can use it for our comfort and we are sure you understand every step of it. You can try some other Amazon products to make your life more comfortable.

If you have any queries regarding this article you can comment below or ping me for more details.

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