If you are an internet user there’s a high chance you are using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat. The fact is by using these applications, you are dumping a lot of your personal data on the internet and these platforms have access to some of that data. Find out here how to permanently delete your Instagram account.

Knowing that these social media giants can snoop around in our private lives many people are choosing the option to jump ship and delete their social media presence completely. I know it’s an extreme move but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Instagram is home to more than 1 billion users globally and yet there is a growing number that wants to get off the photo-sharing app. So, here’s how you can permanently delete your Instagram account or temporarily disable it. Also, Read – How To Screenshot On Mac

How to temporarily disable your account Instagram


1. You first need to go to Instagram.com on your desktop as you cannot disable the account from your smartphone.

2. Login using your account credentials.

3. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner.

4. Click on ‘Settings’ and scroll down to the end of the page.

5. Select the “Temporarily disable my account” link.

6. You need to specify a reason for deleting the account.

7. Enter your account password.

8. Click on the “Temporarily Disable Account” option.

This will disable your Instagram account from the platform and you will not be able to post any content. Other Instagram users will also not be able to view your profile till you log back in. You can log in again using the same Instagram ID and password.

Disclaimer: Remember that you do not have the option to recover your images after the account is deleted so back up all that you have posted on Instagram to a local drive before permanently deleting the account.

How to permanently delete your Instagram account

1. Instagram has a dedicated page for those users who want to permanently delete their accounts.

2. You need to first log in to delete your account.

3. Select the reason behind deleting the account.

4. You then need to re-enter your password.

5. Click on the option that reads: “Permanently delete my account”.

6. Your account will then be deleted permanently.

Why delete your Instagram account?

There are a variety of reasons for wanting to disappear from the social network that is uniquely focused on images. What’s yours? Among the most common we find:

  • Being a victim of trolls or haters that continuously harass.
  • Beginning a new Instagram Marketing Strategy. Replace the one you had previously used with the new one.
  • Fatigue with social networks and all that is implied (spending time monitoring interactions, updating profiles, uploading image, etc).
  • The account was from a brand, association or institution that has ceased or will cease to exist .

Whichever reason, it’s your choice to move ahead with deleting your account!

But before you rush into saying goodbye, I recommend that you save your photos and videos that have been published. Once your Instagram is deleted, you will lose everything that hasn’t been backed up.

Now we can proceed with disconnecting from this social network:

We begin to take the first steps towards ending the account that you’d like to get rid of.

Before deleting your Instagram account permanently, remember to download all your photos and videos, otherwise you will lose them forever.

Make Sure You Delete The App From Your Mobile

If you do not have other active profiles on Instagram, you may also want to delete the application from your mobile device.  If it’s not being used it just takes up valuable space on your phone. Do you know how to do it?

Follow these instructions! It won’t take you more than a minute.

On Android devices:

  • Select ‘Settings’ on your smartphone.
  • In ‘Device’ look for the ‘Applications’ option. Enter and select ‘Instagram’.
  • Press ‘Uninstall’. Confirm the uninstallation by pressing the button
  • And your done!

On Iphone devices:

  • Search for the Instagram App.
  • Press its icon for a few seconds. You will see all the icons begin to wiggle.  If you look an ‘X’ will appear on the left side of each icon.
  • Touch the ‘X’ with your finger and the icon will disappear.
  • Your app is deleted.
desinstalar Instagram de tu movil

It wasn’t that bad, was it?


If in the future you want to become part of the instagram community with the same account, you will need to login again with your password.  Everything you left behind will still be there.

Your Instagram Profile has been Disabled by Mistake

When you try to log into your Instagram account, do you realize that it has been disabled? You may be breaking some of the rules and conditions of this social network. Instagram is very strict if they sense a violation in this regard, they will disable your profile without prior notice!

If you are sure it is a mistake, you can request that your infraction be reviewed. How?

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Introduce your username and password.
  3. Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.


Alert! If someone else has managed to log into and use your profile and proceeded to delete the account, there is nothing that can be done!

Remember that you can always open another account with the same email, but under no circumstances can you use Instagram again with the exact same username of your old profile.

I hope that I’ve made things a bit easier for you and that today’s instructions have been useful. If you have any other questions about how to delete or temporarily disable your account on the social network that is all about the images, I’ll await you in the comments! 


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