If you are planning to buy a new Bluetooth speaker then below, we have listed out some points which you help you on how to choose best Bluetooth speakers. If you are on the lookout for a good Bluetooth speaker, here’s our shortlist of some of the good options. Some are rugged, some are stylish, some are weatherproof and some aren’t fit for the outdoors – read through and take your pick.

This era is all about wireless technology, replacement of that old wired connection is the need of time. All the traditional connections whether it is a standard cable TV connection or home theatre are now operating wirelessly.

Bluetooth is the technology behind portable and wireless gadgets, however, other wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi are also used but that needs a lot of power supply to operate. A specific type of device called Bluetooth speaker is trending nowadays. Most people prefer these speakers over the traditional wired speaker. The main advantages of these speakers are their ultra-portable usage and decent sound quality.

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Check out How to choose best Bluetooth speakers 2020:

Sound Quality –

Of course, everyone buys Bluetooth speakers to get better and louder sound output. If you are planning to buy a Bluetooth speaker offline then you can listen to the music and experience the quality yourself but if you are going to buy the one online then you should read the reviews of users carefully.

Also, the driver size of those speakers is an essential factor to decide about the sound quality. A speaker driver is a combination of various parts of the speaker which is responsible for the production of sound independently.    Most of the drivers which a Bluetooth speaker may have are round in size. As a thumb rule, the larger diameter of a driver will produce a larger sound output than the smaller one.

Battery Backup –

This is another crucial factor that may help you to find the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself. Every wireless device needs the power to amplify the sound and operate Bluetooth. In Bluetooth speaker power is supplied with the help of inbuilt rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. The battery capacity is measured in milliampere-hour (mah) larger capacity of the battery will result in longer uptime.

Battery backup not solely depends upon the battery capacity but also depends upon other factors like the Bluetooth version and the power efficiency of driver units. The battery backup of decent Bluetooth speakers should at least last around 8-10 hours.

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Connectivity Options –

Primarily the wireless speaker can have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for establishing connections. Wi-Fi connection is found in very expensive and large size home theatres due to high power supply needs. In most portable Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth is used despite low audio output it is a cheap and power-efficient option to go wireless.

You should also check the alternative connectivity option such as an aux input to connect your smart devices having a 3.5mm jack directly to the Bluetooth speaker.

A TFT or SD card slot to insert your memory card directly to play music on a Bluetooth speaker.

FM functionality to use Bluetooth speaker when there is no source to play music in it. A USB port is also essential if you want to insert any USB flash devices like a pen drive and card reader to play music files directly.

Waterproof and Dust Proof –

The wireless speaker is ultra-portable devices that you can carry anywhere outdoors along with yourself. Outside usage makes it essential to have a good waterproofing rating along with dust-proof.

In India, water-proofing is categorized in an IP rating. Every IP rating has a different meaning when it comes to waterproofing. Water-resistant means that Bluetooth speakers can withstand small splashes of water. Whereas water-proof means that a Bluetooth speaker can be submerged into the water without causing any damage.

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Verdict –

Bluetooth speakers are excellent choices for portable music solutions, if you are planning to buy a Bluetooth speaker then don’t forget the above points and in case of any confusion reach out to us by commenting below or filling the contact forum.


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