In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Harmful Android Apps for Mobile Phones. Most of us carry a smartphone to every place we go to. While watching videos on the smartphone while cooking in the kitchen to using it to attend the online classes, the uses are diversified. You order food online; you can set up a date for yourself using the dating applications as well. Virtually, you can do anything and everything. Hence, the average time a person uses his or her mobile phone is on a steep rise.

There are a plethora of advantages when it comes to this smart device. Little do we realize that all these functionalities are only possible because of the applications? Our smartphone has applications for doing almost anything. But there is a list of harmful android apps for mobile phones that you might want to keep your hands off.

If you want to book a cab, there is an application. Likewise, If you want to shop online or order food online, there are different applications for that as well. These apps work using the internet. They have access to our device storage, location, notifications, microphone, and camera as well. If you realized, that is our whole smartphone.

Although there are many positive or fruitful uses of these applications, there might be downsides to it as well. There have been cases in the past where some of the other apps are found to steal our data from our smartphone and give it to international servers. There is still no information on where this data goes, but it does happen. You should never download such harmful android apps on your mobile phones.

Why should you not be using a non-trusted application?

Smartphone or any other device that uses the internet works on some of the other forms of application. As far as basic knowledge is concerned, these applications get our work done for us. However, for doing the same, they ask for individual permissions. These are the gateway for these applications for making mischief. If you would give them access to your memory, they can access it anytime they want.

In some smartphones, there is a feature of notifying you every time some application tries to access your location or any kind of personal data. This is not only a significant breach in your privacy but also illegal.

According to global governance, applications that are being made to steal data or that secretly steal data are banned. Allegedly, some of the most rate applications of the world were found functioning in a malefic manner. Other than data and privacy issues, there are other reasons as to why one shall not have too many applications in his or her smartphone.

Things to remember before installing these Harmful Android Apps for Mobile Phones:

  • It occupies too much storage. You first download the setup of an app from the trusted app store. Then you install it on your device. The installation and the app itself requires some storage on your device. Not only this, but the subsequent operations of the application also take up much space on your device. For example, you are using a social media application. The pictures and videos that are downloaded also consume memory. That is a way in which any application can behave as harmful android apps for mobile phones.
  • When the storage space on your device starts running out, the device becomes slow. It might start working slowly. This happens because a dynamic memory module that is used by a smartphone requires some space to work on.
  • As soon as you would open the camera application, it would tell you that you cannot click any pictures due to a lack of storage. This is very frustrating at time. You might have gone through this as well, especially at those moments when you require to click a picture more than anything else.

How To Check The Credibility Of A Mobile Application?

Cybersecurity has been a huge concern for the people as fraudulent and cybercrime is on a rise since the last few decades. The best way to safeguard yourself is to follow some preventive checking of credibility before using any mobile application. One can start off by reading the reviews of the mobile application on the app store. This will give a great idea of whether the app is good for your privacy or not. You would easily come to know whether the app is credible enough for you to use or not.

Before using any app that has the potential to breach your privacy, do check for the developer’s information. Usually, credible applications contain company information coupled with contact information which helps a lot in making sure whether such a company exists or not. You can get assured using this method of checking credibility.

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One of the most preventive ways of staying safe from a potential privacy breach is to download mobile applications from the official app stores only. If you download applications from random sources, you become more prone to privacy breaches. Usually, official app stores don’t include third party applications that are not credible.

You shall always be careful while downloading an application. Always look for the developer of an application and then download it into your device. Also, downloading a security suite on your mobile phones will keep you updated about any potential threats.


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