CoinDCX vs Coinswitch: Comparison of Fees, Platform & Trading

CoinDCX vs Coinswitch

So far, you have been confused about which crypto exchanging platform to pick? Just relax; this article on CoinDCX vs Coinswitch has got all of your doubts cleared. 

The two most famous crypto exchanging foundations of India are CoinDCX vs Coinswitch. In addition, coinswitch and CoinDCX have numerous other admirable exchanging highlights.

The CoinDCX portable application slacks at specific times.

CoinDCX charges a negligible expense among Coinswitch.

CoinDCX is a crypto trade exchange that has been dynamic beginning around 2018 and is a Singapore-based exchange. The exchange provided an easy-to-understand experience where clients could get a broad scope of services supported. Likewise, CoinDCX gives the most elevated liquidity the quickest onboarding process in this crypto world and is an ISO-ensured exchange. To learn more look at our extensive CoinDCX review here.

CoinSwitch is a productive, easy-to-use, and secure exchange for all traders in India. You can browse 100+ digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and so forth at their best rates in this crypto exchange. Also, multiple payment methods are available, like UPI and many more, for your convenience. To learn more look at our extensive Coinswitch review here.

Features comparison between CoinDCX vs Coinswitch


  • Coin switch Kuber offers their traders the best costs in the market to buy crypto. 
  • The exchange allows you to exchange cryptos with zero expenses.
  • You can begin exchanging cryptos with a limited quantity as low as Rs.100.
  • There are 100+ digital currencies to purchase, sell, and exchange with only a few clicks.
  • Fastest withdrawals.
  • More than one crore Indians have sold and bought Rs.1,00,000 crores of cryptos and have shown trust in CoinSwitch.


  • The exchange offers different exchanging choices like Spot exchanging, Future exchanging, and Margin exchanging.
  • The exchange is intended to provide the best tools for experienced and professional crypto geeks.
  • CoinDCX accompanies a crypto dashboard that shows your crypto portfolio.
  • The exchange offers free deposits and withdrawals.
  • The sign-up and the KYC process are quick.
  • The traders or investors can access all the certified cryptos with the coindcx wallet.

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Pros and cons of CoinDCX vs Coinswitch

Pros for coindcx

  • Coins available here are verified and there are hundreds of such coins.
  • You can purchase and sell instantly with a few clicks.
  • Fastest customer support, your queries will be instantly solved.

Cons for coindcx

  • You cannot deposit money from any other currency than INR.
  • For big deposits in your wallet, you will need verification. 
  • The CoinDCX mobile application lags sometimes.

Pros for coinswitch

  • CoinSwitch Kuber’s website has a user-friendly interface.
  • No deposit and withdrawal fees. 
  • Quick KYC process transaction limit. 

Cons for coinswitch

  • Fiat deposits are not allowed.
  • Available only for Indian residents. 
  • Debit and credit cards are not supported.  
  • The mobile application cannot be used without KYC.
Fee Structure Deposit/ withdrawal is free.

Trading fee- 0-0.5%

For trading in INR

Maker fee- 0.2%

Taker fee- 0.2%

Deposit Options NEFT, Bank Transfer, and UPI. Mobikwik, IMPS, and NEFT
Customer Security Blockchain intelligence tools, KYC is compulsory for all users. The exchange has 2FA security, and you need to enter a withdrawal password for transferring funds. 
Mobile Application for portability Available Available
Customer Support  Mail, FAQs, and Submit Form Support. Email, Chat Support, and Telegram Channel.

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Customer Support comparison:

Consumer support is an essential piece of client assistance on any crypto exchange. As a trader or investor, you need to deal with numerous issues. That’s why customer support is the base to keep the user intact with the business.

CoinDCX Support

CoinDCX offers 24 hours support through email. Therefore, clients from different nations don’t need to stress over the time region because of the 24-hour support. Wire channel timings are from 6 A.M. to 11 P.M. Besides, you can mail them at as the CoinDCX client care number isn’t available on the site.

Coinswitch Support

CoinSwitch Kuber client care has a brief and committed FAQ segment to get their questions cleared. Merchants who have questions can even raise support tickets. Their live chat system is likewise accessible for you from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. you can also email them at to reach out to the support team.

CoinDCX vs Coinswitch Fee comparison:

CoinDCX Fees

CoinDCX takers and producers charge 0.04% and 0.06%, separately for the Binance Spot exchange. The INR exchanging charges are 0.2% deposit and withdrawal expense each time. Hence, the exchanging charge is beneath other crypto exchanges, making the traders or investors choose coindcx over other exchanges.

CoinSwitch Fees

There is neither deposit nor a withdrawal charge in Coinswitch Kuber. Moreover, for the initial 100 days, there are no Coinswitch charges. However, from that onwards, the exchange charges an exchanging expense of 0% to 0.5% after 100 days of completion.

Contrasted with the low exchanging expense, CoinDCX charges a high withdrawal charge that is 0.001 BTC per BTC withdrawal. Moreover, the exchange can require as long as 6 hours to be processed.

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CoinDCX vs Coinswitch Security comparison:

CoinDCX is the most reliable crypto exchanging stage in India. 95% of the assets are put away in multi-sig cold wallets. Additionally, every one of the information introduced in the trade is encrypted so that your passwords and individual information are safe. The stage doesn’t share the KYC details with any outsider or company. Also, Two-factor validation adds a degree of safety to clients’ records.

CoinSwitch Kuber is one of the most famous and stable crypto trades, which further guarantees to keep the client’s resources secure. Moreover, to keep up with straightforwardness, they ensure that their clients complete their KYC. Besides, Coinswitch services are SOC2 Type II guaranteed and are ISO 27001 agreeable.

Mobile Application comparison:

Versatile applications and cell phones have an indispensable influence on today’s crypto exchange. You can rapidly move assets, exchange, and analyze the market in a universal application.

CoinDCX App

CoinDCX Go is the versatile use of CoinDCX and is accessible just for mobile users who want to buy and sell crypto while traveling. You can flash purchase cryptocurrencies by connecting your wallet to your bank account. However, you cannot use the application without KYC for longer than a month. Accessible on both Android and iOS gadgets.

Coin switch App

This crypto exchanging trade targets remote interactions and is fixated on versatile clients. Sadly, the Coinswitch application can be used by its traders only, and no desktop mode is available.  Application is Accessible on both Android and iOS gadgets.

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Referral Program comparison:

Through the CoinDCX reference program, dealers get an opportunity to acquire Rs. 100 ETH for every person who purchases their first crypto on CoinDCX and completes their KYC. You need to share the CoinDCX reference code with your companion and allow them to download the application with your connection and make a record. From that point forward, your companion additionally gets Rs. 100 ETH

CoinSwitch reference program allows you an opportunity to make BTC with 50 INR on each reference. Each client that is enlisted is qualified to win this money.

CoinDCX vs CoinSwitch: Conclusion

CoinDCX vs Coinswitch are India’s absolute most well-known crypto exchanges. Conversely, CoinDCX is among those crypto exchanging stages that charge a small exchanging expense, which may be a superior choice. Discussing CoinSwitch, there have been no deposit and withdrawal expenses till now.


Where is CoinSwitch Kuber founded?

CoinSwitch Kuber is situated in Bangalore, India, established in 2017. The stage is steady and has a vast client base.

Is KYC important in CoinDCX?

CoinDCX KYC is necessary; otherwise, your wallet will be restricted for withdrawals and deposits of INR 10,000 only or deposits and withdrawals of 4 BTC each day.

How much time does the withdrawal need to reflect in the bank account?

Moment withdrawals are processed, your bank account will be credited with the withdrawal amount. NEFT withdrawals within banking hours are settled daily within two or three hours. Maximum it requires 72 hours for the money to be credited.

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