Facebook is the platform known for its wide sharing options, and the ability to let others share content from other platforms. Twitter has its tweet and of course, the re-tweet options. However, such isn’t so on Instagram. Check out these Best Instagram Repost Apps for Phones.

Instagram is one of those social media apps that have no in-built sharing/reposting option. Thereby, it’s users must often work hard to find decent apps that allow them to repost on it, the content they want to share with their friends and followers.

Though Instagram users can add a post they like to their own story, it can get attention. But if they want more attention, then their account must be public (instead of private). Users can share a public post to their story by tapping on the paper plane icon. Then they can select the ‘add post to your story’ option.

When users tap on the add post to your story option, they can choose to add a caption to it, or not. They can also send it to their friends and followers alike. To repost on Instagram, users often take their screenshot, edit it to cut out unnecessary things, and then either upload it as a post or add it to their stories. There are certified third-party apps, which help in reposting on Instagram by downloading the post which users like the most.

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Hence, if they are looking for apps aiding in reposting on Instagram, then they are as under:

1. Tailwind on Instagram

TailwindTailwind is an online computer program packing numerous powerful features in addition to reposting. Whether it’s scheduling the posts, performing hashtag research, or viewing detailed analytics, in addition to a host of other features; this app is for the Instagrammer.

While Tailwind does come in at a price, its instinctive interface makes up for the cost by helping users plan, grow, and manage your Instagram account. All users need to do is use their computer (desktops and laptops) for reposting Instagram content online from Tailwind. Also, it only users re-post single photos, rather than multiple images or videos.

2. Save and repost for Instagram

save-repost-whoozyWhenever someone talks about the best apps for reposting on Instagram, they can never finish off the list without mentioning ‘Save and repost for Instagram.’ This app saves the post-Instagram by copying the links users save and then compiling them in a useful customizable grid.

Users can thus save, repost, or share the posts to other apps from the app’s main screen. The app gives users great control over the listener service, in-app advertisements, and notifications.

The premium plans of the app start at $9.99 per month, packing loads of stellar features such as ‘cloud backup’ of all their local posts so that users can get to keep their respective archives after switching devices.

3. Regrann – Repost for Instagram

repost-regrannRegrann is an amazing app for reposting Instagram posts. It comes equipped with a lot of extra bonus features in addition to standard features. Such is appreciated by each and every die-hard Instagram fans.

It has a repost later option, which lets users choose from quick repost, quick save, and quick post later and allows users to copy an Instagram post link. These options come in through a pop-up window that opens without users having to leave the Instagram app. These options are also available as separate modes.

The app is currently free and is available for both Android and iOS. However, users need to keep in mind that posts with videos or images cannot be saved with the quick post later mode. It can be directly saved to the phone’s storage.

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